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  1. Dana White UFC 118 Video Blog - MIKE TYSON
  2. Countdown to UFC 118
  3. Florian Gunning For Title Shot With Win
  4. Dana on Tim Sylvia and Other Things
  5. Vera still not buying Jones hype
  6. Isn't This Just the Cutest Thing You've Ever Seen?
  7. Herman eyeing 2011 return
  8. Big UFC Fights That You Think We'll See in the Next 12 Months
  9. Yvel vs Madsen at UFC 121
  10. Akiyama the latest addition to Jackson's MMA
  11. If Brock Lesnar doesn't finish Cain Velasquez early, he's going to be in trouble
  12. FLD Exclusive: A Few Minutes with Nick Osipczak
  13. Lesnar vs Velasquez to have a Primetime series
  14. Arianny will pose in November Playboy
  15. Hardy vs. Condit analysis
  16. Captain America: The UFC’s secret weapon against boxing
  17. Anybody want to contribute to FLD's rankings?
  18. Couture vs. Toney: who are you rooting for?
  19. The FightLockdown Forecast - UFC 118: Edgar vs. Penn 2
  20. tito's version of the lee murray incident
  21. Spencer Fisher Arrested
  22. Sports Science: James Toney vs. Randy Couture - Punching Power
  23. If victorious @ UFC 118, Penn wants all challengers, busier schedule
  24. Toney to make an estimated $750,000-$1mil
  25. Just for Aaron
  26. Silva eyes February return, wants Leben, Belfort, or Sonnen
  27. Vitor Belfort vs. Yushin Okami To Headline UFC 122
  28. UFC 118 Spoilers
  29. Hardest UFC to call?
  30. James Toney weighs in at 237 pounds
  31. Gray Maynard.
  32. Randy's blackbelt
  33. MMA....
  34. All Those Excited For Edgar/Maynard Raise Their Hand
  35. Who will be favored? Edgar or Gray?
  36. Post fight press conference link
  37. BJ.......
  38. One tidbit of info I picked up from the Davis/Diaz fight
  39. Anybody else think this article on Penn (by Jonathan Snowden) is kind of... well, stupid?
  40. "Kick him in the arms Kenny!" - Kenny's corner in round 3
  41. White: "We won't be doing any more boxing" after Toney's UFC 118 loss
  42. Dana: Florian chokes in big fights
  43. Who should face winner of Maynard vs Edgar?
  44. Couture credits Toney for assisting with win
  45. Will a change in camp and entourage help Penn or is it too late?
  46. UFC 119: Mir vs. Cro Cop [09/25/2010]
  47. UFC Fight Night 22: Marquardt vs. Palhares [09/15/10]
  48. Dana White: Don't expect to see Paul Daley back in the UFC
  49. UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell still undecided on future; return still possible
  50. Not impressed with Frankie Edgar? Champ says take all the time you need
  51. UFC officials announce Asian operations, NBA exec Mark Fischer named head
  52. UFC boss Dana White "not opposed" to St-Pierre vs. Silva, but roadblocks remain
  53. Mark Hunt Training at ATT for UFC Debut
  54. James Toney Talks About First MMA Experience
  55. Penn already back in the gym
  56. Interview with Toney right after the fight
  57. Whats next for BJ???
  58. GSP vs. Kosheck to take place in Montreal @ UFC 124
  59. Fedor to appear on season 2 of "Best of Pride"
  60. Any Dominant Fighters Left?
  61. Gray Maynard isn't finishing his opponents -- but neither is anyone else
  62. The UFC is not something John Cena wants his kids to watch
  63. Demian Maia Considering Move to Welterweight
  64. Pat Barry High Kicking the Punch Machine
  65. Couture vs. Toney Taught Us More About MMA Fans Than It Did About MMA
  66. UFC 118 'Prelims Live' draws series-low 1.1 million viewers on Spike TV
  67. Gabe Ruediger needs to get new training partners
  68. UFC 123 to take place at The Palace in Auburn Hills
  69. TapouT sold to billionaire Warren Buffett?
  70. Alves wants to fight Pierce at UFC 123
  71. UFC 118 Salaries
  72. Karo Parisyan Welcomed Back to UFC, Offered Dennis Hallman at UFC 123
  73. Alves vs Howard targeted for UFC 124
  74. How do you beat GSP?
  75. Myth: Josh Koscheck Is A Blanket.
  76. Ryan Bader interview
  77. GSP's fight gap
  78. CPL Sign Ups
  79. Mir blah blahing about Cro Cop
  80. Phil Davis vs. Tim Boetsch @ UFC 123
  81. Vitor wants Toney in a boxing match
  82. John Hackleman wants your input
  83. Miller vs Tibau, who do you pick
  84. Bisping blasts Hardy
  85. Diaz wants a top 3 opponent at LW or WW
  86. FLD Rankings Updated
  87. Mike Pyle: "I will beat the shit out of John Hathaway"
  88. UFC 123 thread
  89. MFC owner Mark Pvelich: I cant stand watchin GSP fight, God it kills me
  90. Sotiropoulos reportedly one fight away from a title shot
  91. UFC releases heavyweight prospect Todd Duffee
  92. Grove vs Maia at TUF 12 Finale
  93. Thiago Silva vs. Brandon Vera @ UFC 125 in January
  94. George Sotiropoulos vs. Joe Lauzon in the Works for UFC 123
  95. Guida vs...."someone with a lot of power in their hands" (Gomi?)
  96. Nik Lentz vs. Tyson Griffin Set for UFC 123
  97. Dennis Siver vs. Andre Winner in the Works for UFC 122
  98. Marquardt: Hardy shouldn't complain about wrestling, he should learn how to do it
  99. Bob Reilly Compares MMA to Dogfighting, Rogan and Ratner Respond
  100. Rumor: Fedor renew negotiations with UFC
  101. Rick Story vs Johny Hendricks @ TUF 12 Finale
  102. UFC signs deal with Sky Sports to air TUF 12
  103. Penn vs. Hughes 3 in the works for UFC 123
  104. Chute Boxe fighter signed to the UFC
  105. Dan Hardy fires back over criticism surrounding 'Wrestle-Gate'
  106. 'MMA would be boring if it were full of fighters like Georges St. Pierre'
  107. Interesting Stats
  108. GSP is not Impressed
  109. Hey Guys, I Just Talked To Nik Lentz
  110. Sonnen upto his tricks again!
  111. Shogun thanks his old master for becoming champ
  112. Ultimate Gracie
  113. Will Efrain Missing Weight Have Any Effect?
  114. Antonio McKee finalizing 4 fight deal with The UFC
  115. The FightLockdown Forecast - UFN 22: Marquardt vs. Palhares
  116. shoutbox.
  117. Palhares apologizes for false accusations; team congratulates Marquardt on win
  118. So, Charles Oliveira
  119. Mir/CC conference call
  120. So when does Jon Jones get his belt already?
  121. Rumor: Cro Cop out of 119
  122. Pictures/Stories/Giveaway From My Time At UFC 118/Fan Expo *Picture Heavy/Long Post Plus*
  123. Matt Hughes
  124. UFC 120: Bisping vs. Akiyama [10/16/10] RESULTS POSTED
  125. Mir discusses Cro Cop's RNC on Barry
  126. Re-Watched Lentz/Winner
  127. CSAC: Sonnen Positive for PEDs at UFC 117
  128. Penn first offered Florian, pondered retirement before UFC 123 booking with Hughes
  129. So what would you do about the MW division right now.
  130. TUF: The Comeback II
  131. Duffee's manager: "Dana wouldn't listen, Todd is an asset"
  132. Shogun's Résumé vs. Machida's Résumé
  133. UFC 122 Poster
  134. The 3-D War Wagon (Glasses not included)
  135. Sonnen update
  136. Escudero released by the UFC
  137. Dana White Talks Punishment For Chael Sonnen
  138. Frank Mir talks CC fight, brings up possible nerve damage to CC
  139. Spike TV presents Brocktober
  140. Mark Hunt
  141. CPL 119
  142. UFC average ticket price...
  143. Vitor Injured AGAIN, out of fight with Okami. Marquardt to step in
  144. In Blatant Attempt to Attract Latino Viewers, Zuffa Misses the Mark
  145. Looks like we are getting Silva vs Belfort
  146. UFC 119 Countdown
  147. Leben vs Stann Targeted for UFC 125
  148. Georges St. Pierre believes fighters should have lots of sex
  149. Wanderlei Silva to Chael Sonnen: Have respect or lose your teeth (Video)
  150. New Wanderlei video blog
  151. So Mir vs. Cro Cop, how do envision the fight going?
  152. Dana talks Sonnen, Duffee, and Efraine situation
  153. Mir: Cro Cop's the same fighter its the cage that's different
  154. Do you think the UFC would make more money if the scaled PPV prices?
  155. Who will get the FOTN bonus at UFC 119?
  156. The FightLockdown Forecast - UFC 119: Mir vs. Cro Cop
  157. Dana UFC 119 Vlog
  158. Sean McCorkle is Hilarious
  159. Gotta Love Serra's Blogs
  160. UFC 119 Results/Spoilers/Discussion
  162. Did Sherk fake tap?
  163. Dollaway, Sherk, Dunham, Mitrione, Beltran Win $70K Bonuses; Mir Bypassed
  164. UFC 119 Vidyas
  165. Guillard wants Gomi, title shot next.
  166. Chris Lytle...
  167. FightMetric Report for Sherk/Dunham...
  168. Should the blame be directed towards...
  169. Jon Jones vs Ryan Bader? 'Darth' not ready to 'rush into anything'
  170. Just a suggestion...
  171. Thank you Frank Mir. Lotus, I expect pictures.
  172. What should the UFC do with Cro Cop?
  173. Frank Mir's son going crazy on Twitter.
  174. Where does Frank Mir go from here?
  175. Mirko reveals what was said in the cage
  176. UFC 119 medical suspensions
  177. Bisping comments on his internet "popularity" dressed as a Red Coat
  178. Anyone else see Vitor vs. Silva being really boring?
  179. Is Randy Couture done fighting?
  180. UFC 125: Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard confirmed for January 1
  181. Sean McCorkle is Just Like Your Average Forum Poster...
  182. BJ Penn reflects on second loss to Edgar, future fight with Hughes
  183. FLD Survival GP 4.0 (rd 1)
  184. If you could get a time machine...
  185. JoeRogan on reddit
  186. UFC Finishing Stats (Since Unified Rules)
  187. UFC 123 official with 11 bouts
  188. Ryan Bader vs. Jon Jones targeted for UFC 127 in February
  189. What do you hate about the way MMA is going?
  190. Wand and Shogun hanging out at expo and working to get Ninja into the UFC
  191. Dana White hints at BIG WEC and UFC Plans, could merger Finally be on the way?
  192. Antonio McKee vs Jacob Volkmann possible for Jan. 1 in Las Vegas
  193. "UFC Prelims" returns at UFC 123 with Munoz vs. Simpson, Brown vs. MacDonald
  195. 8-12 Min Informative Speech on MMA
  196. Dana White pissed off with judging
  197. UFC 119 trending at 275K buys
  198. Brock making a redneck fruit salad
  199. Joe Rogan Demonstrates Spinning Back-Kick
  200. Carwin says he's fighting on Jan. 1st
  201. LOL TUF 12 Finale
  202. Franklin vs Griffin at UFC 127
  203. UFC Primetime discussion
  204. Tito training with Nova Uniao BJJ black belt Ricardo Abreu
  205. CPL 120 reminder
  206. UFC 125: Nate Diaz vs Stun Gun in the works for Jan. 1
  207. Miller vs Oliveira at UFC 124
  208. Michael Bisping: 'Wanderlei Silva knows deep down inside his soul that I beat him'
  209. Florian vs. Dunham
  210. Ultimate Insider: Best of Rogan
  211. Riki Fukuda!
  212. Could Cain if he wanted to cut down to LHW.
  213. The Cleveland Show - Quinton "Rampage" Jackson
  214. Fighting Words with Mike Straka - Clay Guida
  215. Takanori Gomi vs Clay Guida @ UFC 125 New Year's Day
  216. Nick Diaz wants to fight GSP
  217. UFC 124 Poster
  218. Most Underrated/Overrated Fighters in the MMA?
  219. Chuck when he was a bouncer
  220. A lot of people are dreading St. Pierre-Shields
  221. White says GSP is bigger than Gretzky, speculates on international TUF tournament.
  222. Reminder: UFC Primetime Episode 2 On Tonight Following TUF
  223. John Smashaway is Going to Rape Mike Pyle
  224. Would you bet against Overeem vs any UFC HW?
  225. Nelson - Carwin official for Jan. 1 2011!!!!
  226. Canada > UFC (UFC 120 TV News)
  227. Guillard vs Edward for Jan.11 Show
  228. McCorkle crapping on Struve
  229. Shields and Askren training video(Good Stuff)
  230. Cantwell Is Injured and Out of 120
  231. Aldo wants a crack at UFC lightweights
  232. The FightLockdown Forecast - UFC 120: Bisping vs. Akiyama
  233. SPOILERS: UFC 120 Results and Discussion Thread
  234. Finally Brock starts trash talking...
  235. [SPOILERS] The Boring Jackson fighting style...
  236. So Where Do They Go From Here? (UFC 120)
  237. Fightmetric for Bisping/Akiyama
  238. Condit eyes Kampmann-Shields winner, open to St-Pierre matchup
  239. UFC 121: Lesnar vs. Velasquez [10/23/10] RESULTS
  240. UFC 122: Marquardt vs. Okami Results [11/13/10]
  241. Bisping wants Silva rematch and possibly another TUF
  242. Would the UFC benefit from having a striking analyst in the commentary booth?
  243. LMAO @ Robert Downey Jr. During Hardy/Condit
  244. How Many PPV Buys Will UFC 121 Get?
  245. FLD Survival GP 4.0 (rd 2)
  246. if only wiki was matchmaker
  247. SEVERE weather warning in the states
  248. Junior Dos Santos interview
  249. Pros Pick Winner of Cain vs. Brock
  250. Jon Jones: 'I will never fight Rashad Evans'