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  1. Fighters on the rise
  2. Martin Kampmann vs John Howard @ TUF 13 Finale
  3. UFC Primetime
  4. Marquardt vs Johnson ME UFC on Versus4
  5. Increasingly whiny Diaz eyes boxing Jeff Lacey in early fall
  6. Griffin vs. Rua 2 at UFC Rio Event
  7. Chael Sonnen wanted to fight 'Rampage' Jackson, willing to move up to LHW
  8. Aldo or Hominick
  9. Gracie vs Jimmerson rematch possible for UFC Rio?
  10. Is Jose Aldo this forums fav. fighter ?
  11. Anderson Silva Says He Would Never Fight Jon Jones
  12. Legalization of MMA in New York statistics
  13. Some announced fights which haven't been mentioned yet
  14. Jon Jones is at it again, says he would step into the octagon with Anderson Silva… just no
  15. Dana White Shoots Down Royce Gracie UFC 134 Return Rumors
  16. Dos Santos tells it straight: Lesnar has a 'weak chin' -ESPN.co.uk
  17. This annoys me...
  18. Fucking Hell!
  19. Mighty Mouse in for Pickett for UFC 130
  20. Akiyama vs Belfort @ Ufc 133
  21. UFC 129 – Georges St. Pierre and Jake Shields complain about the media demands ahead of ti
  22. Nate Marquardt reveals Georges St. Pierre is “definitely considering” a fight with Anderso
  23. Frank Mir predicts Alistair Overeem will struggle against the monsters in the UFC, thinks
  24. Jon Fitch wants rematch with B.J. Penn next, says it would be dumb to fight anyone else
  25. Joe Rogan comments on the state of judging in MMA, lobbies for trained judges and a change
  26. Joe Rogan: 'I Like Nick Diaz as Nick Diaz'
  27. All 12 UFC 129 Bouts to Air
  28. FLD survival GP 5.0 (RD 2)
  29. Jason "Mayhem" Miller signs with UFC
  30. Rich Franklin vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira added to UFC 133 in Philadephia
  31. WEC vets Renan Barao and Cole Escovedo meet at UFC 130
  32. Why not to axe kick the axe murderer!!!
  33. Daniel "Ninja" Roberts on UFC 129
  34. Jones injured, Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis In The Works For UFC 133.
  35. Liddells new job.
  36. Maiquel Falcao vs. Tom Lawlor Targeted for UFC 134 in Brazil
  37. Jon Jones issues statement on hand injury
  38. Most Loyal Fans?
  39. UFC Requests Monitors for Judges at UFC 130
  40. Jim Miller vs Melendez? Zuffa Purchase of Strikeforce Revisited: More Details Released
  41. Penn thinks teammates should fight each other
  42. Ben Henderson Looking to Put Pettis Behind Him
  43. Kenny Florian's Guide to the UFC Fan Expo
  44. Royce Gracie wants rematch with Matt Hughes
  45. Pros Pick: St. Pierre vs. Shields
  46. McDonald replaces injured "Kid" Yamamoto, meets Cariaso at UFC 130
  47. UFC getting sued by Hobby Star Marketing for 'Fan Expo'
  48. Mayhem' Miller signed with UFC because he couldn't fight on Showtime
  49. Sanchez gets his dream fight with Hughes this fall
  50. Fitch....
  51. DW vs. Jenna Jameson
  52. Final thoughts on GSP/Shields?
  53. UFC 133: Johny Hendricks vs Mike Pierce possible
  54. Dana White plans to fly out to Stockton, California right after UFC 129 to talk with Nick
  55. Mauricio Shogun Rua - WHEN YOU HAVE A DREAM - Training at Kings MMA
  56. Weigh-ins for 129
  57. UFC Close to Five Round Non-Title Fights - Brock/JDS was almost the first
  58. What are you getting on for tomorrow ?
  59. Chael baked in an impromptu Interview
  60. Dana White vlog 129
  61. UFC champs reflect on current and future fights during Q&A
  62. So listening to the Jordan Breen Show and
  63. **10k giveaway** "Oh Canada"
  64. Jose Aldo: Up Close and Personal ( videos )
  65. so do I have to reactivate my facebook to watch the prelims?
  66. GSP needs to
  67. I'm not a doctor but
  68. So Where Do They Go From Here? (UFC 129)
  69. I coulda slapped Rogan tonight....
  70. The UFC desperately needs...
  71. I heart Pablo Garza
  72. UFC 129 Bonuses
  73. White: UFC Looking at Aldo-Mendes Title Bout for UFC 133
  74. Cain Velasquez healing, champ "probably" will headline UFC 136 in Houston
  75. Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz? Hurdles exist, but UFC president open to idea
  76. UFC 129 results: Georges St. Pierre vs Jake Shields fight metric report
  77. Let's talk about... LYOTO
  78. Jose Aldo's Awesomeness
  79. Don't you know who I am?!
  80. About last night's card
  81. Rory MacDonald
  82. Even with Lyoto taking another step to regaining the title, the guy who impressed me the
  83. What was Jake Shields actual gameplan?
  84. Random Thoughts From Fan Expo
  85. post fight press conference
  86. Jose Aldo – After the Dust Has Settled (Article)
  87. UFC 129 medical suspension
  88. Does Steven Seagal have the UFC "Under Siege"?
  89. Cops Investigate UFC Legend Over Alleged Bar Attack
  90. British striker jason young into fight Poirier at UFC 131
  91. FLD TRIP VEGAS: UFC 132 - Jul 2nd
  92. Firas Zahabi Believes Nick Diaz Fight May Be Next for Georges St-Pierre + other stuff
  93. Jon Jones Explains Injury, Why He Isn't a 'Swagger Jacker'
  94. Jon Fitch Says He and GSP Both Deserve Some Criticism for Decisions
  95. Top Guys the UFC Should Sign
  96. Article explaining why Hominick fight wasn't called off, but why GSP's should of.
  97. Is Greg Jackson putting St. Pierre's belt ahead of everything else?
  98. Gracie Breakdown UFC 129
  99. UFC 132: The WEC Returns!!
  100. Bas' take on GSP fight
  101. Hughes comment on GSP fight
  102. Stefan Struve - The Castle - Episode 1
  103. Seagal put the UFC on notice
  104. Rashad Evans backs Michael Bisping to give Anderson Silva a run for his money if they ever
  105. Tank Abbot thinks he can KO Lesnar in 10 seconds..
  106. wanderlei training for leben (video)
  107. MMA has been lacking lately...
  108. CPL 130 Sign-ups now up
  109. Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard Off UFC 130 After Injuries Sideline Both
  110. Rampage v Hamill headlines UFC 130
  111. UFC announces accident-insurance coverage for all 350 contracted fighters
  112. Cro Cop/Big Nog@ UFC Rio???
  113. chael sonnen twitters about GSP
  114. This could be good news for those of us ( 2 ppl ) going to UFC Sweden
  115. Jim Miller vs. Ben Henderson Added to UFC on Versus 5
  116. CPL Grand Prix - Chance to win $$$
  117. UFC release Falcao due to legal issues
  118. Chael Sonnen's license re-suspended in California
  119. Dan Hardy vs. Chris Lytle set for UFC on Versus 5 main card
  120. Lightweights Danny Castillo vs. Jacob Volkmann set for UFC on Versus 5
  121. I Don’t Just Want Royce Gracie vs. Steven Seagal – I Need It (Article... sort of)
  122. More MMA? Not Right Now... (FLD Article)
  123. mitrione ortiz almost come to blows
  124. Carwin vs JDS at UFC 131
  125. Brock out of JDS fight, Carwin in!!!
  126. UFC 130: Rampage vs. Hamill [5/28/11]
  127. UFC 131: Dos Santos vs. Carwin [6/11/11]
  128. Lesnar: ‘This Isn’t the End of My Fighting Career’
  129. Jon Jones Forgoes Surgery, Eyes 2011 Return
  130. The UFC Champion Injury Bug (FLD Article)
  131. Is Fighter Pay Still an Issue?
  132. Paul Heyman to work with Shane Carwin on his mic skills
  133. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Brendan Schaub Official For UFC 134
  134. Bloodstain Lane Presents: Fuck Dana White
  135. Matchmaking Missteps - Nogueira-Schaub
  136. BJ Penn vs. Jake Shields possible?
  137. Bigfoot really hates Brock
  138. Long interview with JDS
  139. Frank Mir 'hits a lot harder than Junior dos Santos'
  140. al bundy, mma reporter, and chuck liddell talk MMA
  141. Joe Ellenberger
  142. California Commission Upholds UFC Star Chael Sonnen's Indefinite Suspension
  143. Jose Aldo to face Chad Mendes at UFC 133
  144. Most Anticipated Fights?
  145. Will Cain Velasquez Be The Same After Shoulder Surgery?
  146. CPL GP matchups are up!
  147. Read 50 of Brock's book for free
  148. Lyoto: "Jones didn't beat the real Shogun"
  149. GSP-Diaz announcement coming?
  150. I'm the most likely man to beat Velasquez - Frank Mir
  151. Bisping unlikely to fight in UK in '11
  152. Evans focused on Davis, not title or Jones
  153. Dana White mulling Jon Jones v Rampage or Machida
  154. Kennedy takes huge dig at Bisping and Hardy
  155. Roller, Miller, then 'real champ' for Guillard
  156. Vancouver to feature video monitors for judges
  157. Torres fears for Faber's weight cut
  158. NSAC Approves UFC Request for Judges' Monitors
  159. CSAC Changes Ruling; Sonnen Eligible to Reapply after June 29
  160. Jungle Fight welterweight champion, Erick Silva on the verge of signing with the UFC
  161. Florian working with Cosmo Alexandre/Rashad working with Spong
  162. Fitch is angry Diaz (most likely) gets titleshot
  163. The UFC HW roster
  164. Chael Sonnen Eligeable to Re-Apply for Licensing Sooner than Expected
  165. 20 Questions: An Interview with Chael Sonnen
  166. Here we go again *angryface*
  167. Nick Diaz decides against boxing
  168. "carwin's lost 30 pounds"
  169. Chad Mendes to face Rani Yahya at UFC 133 - Aldo Out
  170. Ricardo Mayorga: "MMA was created by homosexuals"
  171. Quinton Rampage Jackson Craig Ferguson 5/23/11
  172. White: Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz are not coaching TUF 14 or fighting at UFC 140
  173. Jon Jones Expects to Fight Lyoto Machida or Rampage Jackson, Not Rashad Evans
  174. I hate Rampage so much...
  175. Mirko Cro Cop Decides Against Retirement
  176. ufc 130 pre-fight presser
  177. The UberDuff...Todd Duffee looking huge
  178. fuck!
  179. UFC 130 Preview/Breakdown
  180. UFC 130 Prelim Prospect – Michael McDonald (FLD Article)
  181. Michael Bisping, Jason 'Mayhem' Miller to coach TUF 14
  182. UFC 130 weighins..
  183. UFC prevents Nick Diaz from competing at World BJJ championships, Nate allowed
  184. UFC 130 results
  185. So Where Do They Go From Here? (UFC 130)
  186. What an Awful Event..
  187. brown ko gif?
  188. UC 130 post-presser
  189. Does Roy Nelson deserve to fight in the UFC?
  190. So... Are We Gonna Talk About Torres/Johnson Or What?
  191. Brock Lesnar recovering after surgery "feels great, a little sore"
  192. A Slimmer Thiago Alves Seems Lacking In Self-Assurance (FLD Article)
  193. Rampage a fading star?
  194. the mir hate is outrageous
  195. UFC 130 Recaps - Main Card and Prelims (FLD Articles)
  196. UFC TUF Finales this weekend
  197. All aboard the Ubereem War Wagon!
  198. The Jones gun show
  199. Off Yearlong Vegan Diet Experiment, Frank Mir Feels Stronger for UFC 130
  200. Kurt Pellegrino stepping away from MMA...for now.
  201. Hatsu Hioki Relinquishes Shooto Belt, Paves Way For UFC Debut
  202. Rampage continues to assault reporters, find it funny
  203. Anderson Silva Says Yushin Okami Was Wrong for Training With a 'Loser' In Chael Sonnen
  204. lol at this brian stann article on yahoo
  205. UFC 130 Salaries
  206. Help me sort out the WW division, below GSP/Fitch
  207. Jon Fitch: "I'm a main event fighter. I should only be fighting main event people."
  208. GSP vs Diaz at UFC 137!
  209. Nelson Confirms Walking Pneumonia After UFC 130
  210. amount of upcoming fights by division, percentages.
  211. Undisputed 3 has PRIDE MODE!!!
  212. AJ out Story vs Marquardt at UFC Live 4
  213. Mighty Mouse broke his leg during Torres fight
  214. Jon Jones: "I'll be fighting Quinton "Rampage" Jackson next"
  215. Brad's Breakdown: TUF 13 Finale (FLD Article)
  216. TUF 13 weigh in results
  217. UFC announces The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale prelim card to stream on Facebook
  218. god not again.....
  219. So who deserves to get the winner of Edgar/Maynard?
  220. Clay Guida vs Anthony Pettis fight metric report shows close decision
  221. So Where Do They Go From Here? (TUF 13 Finale)
  222. al bundy talking about jui jitsui at gracie academy
  223. Kingsbury vs. Maldonado; Did You Agree with the Decision?
  224. Unravelling the UFC Lightweight Division
  225. MMA top 10 BW
  226. Annual MMA sucks thread
  227. UFC has a 'less than 20-percent chance' of bringing an event to the UK in 2011
  228. UFC Channel coming soon
  229. Let's Talk UFC in August
  230. Chael Trolls Brazil, makes national news
  231. Hughes vs Sanchez at UFC 135
  232. Donald Cerrone has a little message for the bitches who won't fight him
  233. In Hockey-Crazed Vancouver, UFC 131 Not Exactly a Hot Ticket
  234. nam phan street fight
  235. UFC adding 125-pound flyweight division "like, really soon"
  236. All main events are 5 rounds now
  237. UFC on Versus 4: Marquardt vs. Story [06/26/11]
  238. UFC 132: Cruz vs. Faber II [07/02/11]
  239. UFC 131....BET THAT TIME!!!
  240. Are you superstitious?
  241. The Stagnant Career of Donald Cerrone
  242. Anderson Silva's new book.
  243. Koscheck wants MW return fight against Bonnar for a 'nice, easy comeback fight'
  244. Werdum wants JDS
  245. The Forgotten Man
  246. UFC on VS gets 12th fight Taylor vs Makdessi
  247. Carwin weighed in at 254
  248. David and Dereck picks for UFC 131
  249. Why are people so confident that Carwin won't use his wrestling against dos Santos?
  250. Another Robbery