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Default Excerts from K-1 Max Interviews


#4: Jae Hee Cheon Wearing FMC Shirt

Translation of a Jae Hee Cheon interview on Sportsnavi. He was wearing a shirt with the logo of the new big Korean MMA organization Fighting Mixed Combative that are supposed to have their first big press conference this Monday.

This is your first time fighting in Japan so first tell us about your martial arts history.

I started Muay Thai on my third year in high school and it has now been 6 years.

What was your motive for starting Muay Thai?

I liked exercising since I was a child so I started learning Taekwondo but the training wasn稚 as hard as I thought it would be. At that time I also got interested in Muay Thai so because of that I started it.

What is your strongest technique?

I respect Buakaw and I have taken a similar left kick as my strong point.

What do you respect about Buakaw?

His speed, physical strength, everything. Above all else, the strength of his heart in particular.

What did you think when your fight with KID was decided?

I didn稚 think about anything special but I like KID痴 style and I respect him too. I知 happy that I知 able to fight him, this was like winning the lottery for me. I知 going to make the best use of this chance and I want to broaden my name.

How do you imagine the fight being?

I think that KID acquires technique while training but more than that I think it値l be an instinct like fight. If it becomes an instinct like fight I think it値l be a fight with intense exchanges of punches.

If you win, what image of the fight do you have?

I want to win by punches. I want to decide the fight in the second round. I知 a stand-up fighter so I think it goes better as time passes. So the second round.

If you defeat KID, do you want K-1 MAX to be your main battleground?

Other fighters often say 的 want to win, but I知 not like that. I say: 的 will win. When I win this fight, I will, with pleasure, participate when MAX invites me from then on.

You said that your strong point is your left kick, but what is your strongest punch?

My right is strong. I think I lose to KID in power but I am above in skill.

Where does your self-confidence in victory come from?

When I heard that my fight against KID was decided, I was in Thailand. KID is physically strong, I on the other hand wasn稚 confident about that so I firmly trained my physical strength and my Boxing in Thailand.

#3: Buakaw Por.Pramuk Interview
Parts of an Buakaw Por.Pramuk interview on Sportsnavi.

After the last fight, there was talk of you returning home to your parents. How did you spend time until now?

There was that plan but I want to have the best fight this time so I couldn稚 return home to my parents.

So (going to that extent) your physical condition is perfect?

Yes. It痴 100 percent.

Are you OK from the damage received by Dida in the last fight?

I had a doctor check, there are no problems now.

What are your impressions of your opponent?

I think he has leveled up quite a bit even on a technical level. He is also taller than me, he is not an opponent which you can be careless against.

Nieky said that you are weaker than 5 years ago.

The way you fight in a match differs due to your mental state and opponent. Nieky might think so about me, but I don稚.

Did Nieky痴 words get to you?

(Laugh) There痴 no use even if I get irritated here (there痴 no use getting irritated here). I want to take out this anger in the ring.

The Masato vs. Kawajiri fight is gathering attention.

Since there痴 few fights left until Masato痴 retirement, it痴 natural that the fight gathers attention.

What do you think about this years level when last years champion, Masato, isn稚 participating?

The level of the present MAX rises year after year, I think that the 8 remaining fighters this year have the same level. I don稚 think the level of the tournament has dropped just because Masato isn稚 participating.

Buakaw also mentioned watching the video of his fight against Dida (because of the knockdown) time and time again and that he has strengthened his defense since then.

#2: Artur Kyshenko Interview
Parts of an Artur Kyshenko interview on Sportsnavi.

The quarterfinals are finally drawing near, what is going through your head right now?

Before that, the weigh-ins are tomorrow, so first of all I want to make weight. After that, I want to think about the fight when I eat sushi (laugh).

Thinking about the weigh-ins, meaning that the weight cut was difficult?

No, there is no problem but I still have to wait one whole day for it.

What do you think your fight with Souwer will be like?

I don稚 know. But I think it will be an interesting fight.

The Masato vs. Kawajiri fight is gathering attention. What are your thoughts on the fight?

Masato will undoubtedly win. Because my fight is before that in the schedule, I can watch Masato痴 fight at ease.

Kyshenko also talked about how he gets stronger and how his courage steadily comes forth during fights.
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