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Where Do They Go From Here? - UFC 145Author : Joshua Taylor

In the interest of full disclosure, I was thoroughly unimpressed with this card as a whole on paper outside of the main event. Interestingly, the main event ended up not being super exciting but quite a few other fights delivered impressively. Definitely some big moves through the ranks coming out of this event and absolutely some fantastic matches to be booked coming out of tonight. This is what I would like to see booked but check out my picks and share your thoughts as well.

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Bellator 66 Preview: Aoki/Alvarez 2Author : Brad Taschuk

The first round of the tournaments are through, so to celebrate the occasion Bellator has put together their best card of the season. Unfortunately for them, the UFC is putting on some little fight this weekend as well, so the Lightweight superfight, semi-finals and Middleweight semi-finals will be overshadowed and hardly heard about. Still, that’s no reason we can’t take a look at an intriguing fight between two top 15 Lightweights.

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Where Do They Go From Here? - UFC on Fuel TV 2Author : Joshua Taylor

There were a couple of fights I was really looking forward to on this card but the undercard had some thoroughly underwhelming names on it. Overall though, this card ending up being pretty entertaining. Although there isnt a bunch of impact near the title coming out of these fights there are some really great fight that could be made. Here are my thoughts on what fights should be made from here.

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Weekend Wrap: April 6-8Author : Brad Taschuk

Coming out of a holiday weekend, there wasn't as much MMA as we've seen over the past few weeks, which is ironic given the fact that I've actually got the time to talk about it. Still, Bellator put on a solid card, there were a few quality fights happening over in Japan, and the newest player in the freakshow MMA scene was back at it. In the last weekend before the UFC awakes from its slumber, there was just enough going on to keep an MMA fan satiated in between family gatherings, but not too much to make said return seem obsolete.

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FLD Sloppy Slugfest #9Author : Brad Taschuk

When it comes to fights, a seasoned fan can often appreciate the subtle techniques in each aspect of MMA, and find interest in a bout which a more casual onlooker may see as downright boring. However, every once in a while there comes a fight that everyone can agree is thoroughly enjoyable, and often those fights would fall under the category of a “Sloppy Slugfest”. While some in the MMA community dismiss these fights due to their lack of technique, they are merely soulless pessimists and need to learn how to enjoy some brainless fun every once in a while.

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Bellator Season Six Preview - Bantamweight TournamentAuthor : Brad Taschuk

Last week Bellator put together another highly entertaining card, and once again the depth on their cards continues to improve, as notable undercard bouts provided some fantastic moments. This week the hardest working organization in MMA travels north of the border for the first of two Canadian cards in a span of less than a month. The Bantamweight tournament kicks off on Friday with two of four quarterfinal bouts taking place. However the most intriguing bouts on this card are the Featherweight Semifinal and Welterweight Title fight taking place. After the jump, dip your toes in some Bellator talk, as their sixth season continues to build steam.

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Weekend Wrap: March 30-April 1Author : Brad Taschuk

In the Weekend Wrap, we take a look at some of the more out of the way events and results from the past few days in MMA. Although the head honchos at Zuffa are the ones always talking about how they want to make MMA global (and to their credit, the organization has now held events in the US, Canada, UK, Brazil, Japan, Australia and soon to be Sweden in one calendar year), the sport really already is global. I've gone ahead and compiled the results from numerous events this weekend ranging from many of those same countries, so that you don't have to go looking around to see what happened in the often hard to track world of MMA.

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Five Fights to Watch: AprilAuthor : Joshua Taylor

Once again we look forward to five must-see matches coming up this month. April is another slow month for UFC action by today's standards but that doesnt mean we dont have some great fights to look forward to. In Bellator action we have many of the semi-final rounds taking place this month as well as seeing the Bantamweight, Welterweight, and Heavyweight Titles all being defended. We also have many great UFC matches scheduled including finally being able to see Jon Jones and Rashad Evans square off to try and squash their bad blood. Continue reading to see my most anticipated fights of April.

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Fights That Never Were: Vol 2Author : Brad Taschuk

In the last ‘Fights That Never Were’ segment, we took a look a hypothetical showdown between two of the greatest LWs of the late 90’s and early 00’s, Rumina Sato and Jens Pulver. This time we move up in weight to two fighters who for most of their career completely disregarded weight class. At points in their careers they were also in possession of two of the longest unbeaten streaks in MMA history.

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Bellator Season Six Preview - Lightweight TournamentAuthor : Brad Taschuk

Two weeks into Bellator’s Sixth season and yours truly is 6 of 8 when it comes to picking the first round fights. Nothing spectacular, but that sort of success rate is pretty decent when it comes to the sport of MMA, and if you’re the betting type it’ll likely net you some money. So let’s try to keep that going, and finally score the thus far elusive (or allusive, if you will) perfect week. This Friday begins the search for Michael Chandler’s first challenger in the Lightweight division, while former champion Eddie Alvarez is off getting a big name fight against Shinya Aoki.

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